Simon is a person. He’s made some music, some of which is linked to below. That’s all you need to know about him.

As Cahn Ingold Prelog

SUPERVOID (Rei Records, 2024)
The Well-Tempered Diffusion Model (Wabi-Sabi Tapes, 2024)
Crescence (Waxing Crescent, 2023)
Artificial Music I (Exotic Spresm, 2023)
Artificial Music II (Exotic Spresm, 2023)
The Insolent Dip (Exotic Spresm, 2023)
Confidence (Woodford Halse, 2021)
Accelerate (Crow Versus Crow, 2020)
Ends (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Noise In Opposition Joint Statement (split with VX. Noise In Opposition, 2020)
Traditional Computer Music from North East Wales (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Contempt (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Slow Notes for Glitch (Broken20, 2020)
Tubular Lockdown (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Burns (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Remains (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Pointlessness (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Spraingksths (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Non-music 3 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Non-music 2 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Non-music 1 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Tolerance (Recordiau Prin, 2017)

Exclusive tracks on compilations:
Rental Yields: Volume 4 (Front & Follow, 2023)
Diary of a Madman (Bibliotapes, 2022)
You Can Never Leave (Front & Follow, 2021)
Sounds for an Empty House (Soundlands, 2021)
Isolation and Rejection (Front & Follow, 2020)
Withdrawn II (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2020)
NIO3 (Noise in Opposition, 2019)
Covering the Covers (TQ, 2018)

As The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor

x Curiad y Funud: Competitive Music of North Wales (?)
Blessing of the Hand-Sanitizer (Superpolar Taïps, 2020)
Music for Hand-Washing (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2020)
Music for the National Health Service (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2019)
Contemporary Protest Music (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2019)
Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2017)

As Carnedd Aur

Asid Gwledig (Exotic Spresm, 2022)
Beetles (Superpolar Taïps, 2021)
Hel Bwyd Cennad y Meirw (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Moths (Wormhole World, 2020)
Music for the Welsh European Funding Office (Exotic Spresm, 2019)


SOYWAVE (?, 2024)
Diwedd (Coch) (773773773, 2023)
Diwedd (Glas) (773773773, 2023)
Diwedd (Oren) (773773773, 2023)
Community Surveillance (Bogus Collective, 2023)
Forest City Soundtracks (Stargazing at Blank Skies, 2023)
The Gold Translucent (773773773, 2023)
NAWꯃꯥꯄꯜ (773773773, 2022)
ARAFଧୀର (773773773, 2022)
AURՈսկի (Superpolar Taïps, 2022)
UN一 (773773773, 2022)
DAU二 (773773773, 2022)
TRI三 (773773773, 2022)

As Benthos Ensemble

Swimmers (773773773, 2023)
Crawlers (Stargazing at Blank Skies, 2023)
Drifters (Stargazing at Blank Skies, 2022)

As safetensors

cave home (Bogus Collective, 2023)
WRONG (Exotic Spresm, 2023)
RIGHT (Exotic Spresm, 2023)
Greatest Hits (773773773, 2023)
AIWAVE (773773773, 2023)

As for %f in (in/*.*) do python -i in/%f -o out/%~nf.wav -m 255 -p 0.35

Latent Space (Exotic Spresm, 2023)

As dronegoth

Eesti Orelid (OKVLT TMPLS, 2024)
Disintegration (Loops) (773773773 / Exotic Spresm, 2023)

As EndlessDiscovery™

EndlessDiscovery™ (Bogus Collective, 2023)
EndlessDiscovery™ 2 (Bogus Collective, 2023)
EndlessDiscovery™ 3 (Bogus Collective, 2023)
EndlessDiscovery™ 4 (Bogus Collective, 2023)

As Orryon Comcom

Cymroddyfodoliaeth (773773773, 2022)
Cymroddyfodoliaeth II (773773773, 2022)
Cymroddyfodoliaeth III (773773773, 2022)
Another Self​-​Inflicted National Crisis Where None Of Those Responsible Will Suffer Any Of The Consequences (Exotic Spresm, 2020)

As Simon Proffitt

Scrapes (Recordiau Dukes, 2020)
Simon Proffitt & Ash Cooke: Chen Style (Listen to the Voice of Fire, 2019)
Nothing, For Nobody (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Ash Cooke & Simon Proffitt: Gwrth-Gitâr (Linear Obsessional, 2019)
Gwallau (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Llinynnau (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Rhaeadrau (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Crisis Apparitions (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
The Erotic Spasm (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Way of Walking (Creative Sources, 2015) w/ Ernesto Rodrigues, Guillherme Rodrigues, Karine Décorne
The Ringing Rocks: Field recordings of Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania

As (part of) The Incidental Crack

I Don’t Want to Worry You Unnecessarily (Split w/ TVO) (Preston Capes, 2023)
Split w/ Sulk Rooms (Waxing Crescent, 2023)
Does Nothing (Preston Capes, 2022)
Detail (Anticipating Nowhere, 2021)
Municipal Music (Herhalen, 2021)
Before the Magic (Soundtracking the Void, 2020)

As (part of) Taw

Truce Terms (Bezirk, 2020)

As (part of) Traw

Fire Works (Exotic Spresm, 2020)
Community Noise – released as part of Cawl Siarc compilation (Siarc Marw, 2007)
Traw & Rhodri Davies: Cwymp y Dŵr Ar Ganol Dydd (Confront, 2006)
Congratulations to the Young Men of Nelson (Fourier Transform, 2006)

As (part of) Instituto Bangara-Rossa Internacional

An Introduction to Bangara-Rossa (Strategic Tape Reserve, 2021)

As (part of) Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element

Box Three, Spool Five (Field Records, 2007)
Techno Self Harm EP (Field Records, 2005)
Girl Thief – released as part of Asking For Trouble 2×7″ (Asking For Trouble, 2004)


Various recordings under various pseudonyms that are best left unannounced.