The Sad Clown

To make a Sad Clown, you will need:

200g raspberries
1 tablespoon Saskatoon Berry syrup*
1 heaped tablespoon instant hot chocolate powder
1 healthy pinch of dried chilli flakes
200ml full fat milk

*or any fruit syrup; this is more of a sweetener than a flavour component

Blend the ingredients and drink.

Colour: 100
Texture: 82
Taste: 94
Overall: 93

A true milestone in smoothie technology, the Sad Clown is a genuine revelation. It is deep, elegant, complex and endlessly fascinating – a truly 21st century drink. There’s a little something for everyone in there – a tangy fruit buzz, a smooth, mellow chocolatey undercurrent and an intriguingly warm after-swallow. So many seemingly incompatible things coming together into one joyous union. You might look at the ingredients with confusion, contempt, fear, incredulity – but the reality is something that even I, the restless smoothie experimenter, couldn’t have predicted. You might think that it’s a bit incongruous to give such a remarkable drink a name as inappropriate as The Sad Clown, but you might also think it’s not a good idea to mix raspberries, chocolate and chilli. In both cases, you’d be wrong.