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Double Blind

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Bryn Golau

Here’s a quick sneak peak at another ‘exciting’ but ‘top secret’ work-in-‘progress’.

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Welcome to Llandudno

Here eventually is the film I made for Adain Avion, the Cultural Olympiad project initiated by Marc Rees. Thanks to Marc, and to all the people that appear in it.

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The millions of you that came to see me during Helfa Gelf this weekend will have witnessed Duel, a mini-installation for coriander seeds, speaker cone and sine wave, but the millions of you that weren’t able to make it won’t have. Here is a short video of it so that no-one feels left out. And remember, it’ll still be there over the next two weekends, if, after having seen this, you feel an urgent need to stand in front of it and see it first hand.

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Adain Avion Raw Material #2

People coming, people going.

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Adain Avion Raw Material #1

Here's a first glimpse at the first bit of raw footage shot as research for Welcome to Llandudno – an audio-visual piece I'm working on for Adain Avion, Marc Rees's Cultural Olympiad project.

It's raw material, remember, so best watched with the sound off, unless you like hearing blustery winds ripping through cheap on-cam mics.

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