As Simon Proffitt

Simon Proffitt & Ash Cooke: Chen Style (Listen to the Voice of Fire, 2019)
Nothing, For Nobody (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Ash Cooke & Simon Proffitt: Gwrth-Gitâr (Linear Obsessional, 2019)
Gwallau (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Llinynnau (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Rhaeadrau (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Crisis Apparitions (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
The Erotic Spasm (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Ernesto Rodrigues, Guillherme Rodrigues, Karine Décorne, Simon Proffitt: Way of Walking (Creative Sources, 2015)
The Ringing Rocks: Field recordings of Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania*

As Cahn Ingold Prelog

Remains (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Pointlessness (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Spraingksths (Exotic Spresm, 2019)
Non-music 3 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Non-music 2 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Non-music 1 (Exotic Spresm, 2018)
Tolerance (2CD, Recordiau Prin, 2017)

As The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor

x Curiad y Funud: Competitive Music of North Wales (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2019?)
Cerddoriaeth Wastraff / Waste Music (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2019)
Contemporary Protest Music (Amgueddfa Llwch, 2019)
Ritual Music of North Pembrokeshire (2LP, Amgueddfa Llwch, 2017)

As Beautiful Screaming Lady

Polystyrene (for Eduard Símon)
Albania (for Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu)
Crwth (for Cass Meurig): the English language re-recording of Crwth (i Cass Meurig)*
Crwth (i Cass Meurig)*
Bwswci (i Yiorgos Batis)*
Banjo (for Gorwel Owen): CDr, edition of 1 for Gorwel Owen’s birthday
Songs (for Oscar Bonello) (National Subnormal, 2007)
Vespas of 2006 (for Bambos): CDr, edition of 1 for Bambos’s birthday
The Day Everything Went Wrong**
Cardiff Samaritans Annual Report**

As Traw

Buried Treasure (forthcoming, probably. Possibly)
Fire Works*
Community Noise – released as part of Cawl Siarc compilation (Siarc Marw, 2007)
Traw & Rhodri Davies: Cwymp y Dŵr Ar Ganol Dydd (Confront, 2006)
Congratulations to the Young Men of Nelson (Fourier Transform, 2006)

As Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element

Box Three, Spool Five (Field Records, 2007)
Techno Self Harm EP (Field Records, 2005)
Girl Thief – released as part of Asking For Trouble 2×7″ (Asking For Trouble, 2004)
How Spiderman Was Tricked By His Wife – released as part of oxfordbands.com presents… Part II compilation
Talking To John About Punk Rock – released as part of 60 Seconds (Our Hour) compilation (WIAIWYA Records)
There Are Already Enough Photographs of People and Doors – released as part of Audioscope02 compilation
I Love You Every Time You Smile – released as part of Snakebite City 11 compilation (Bluefire Records)
Various remixes for The Evenings, Smilex, The Rock of Travolta.


Various recordings under various pseudonyms that are best left unannounced.

*released as part of Pedair Awr Yng Ngymru Fydd / Brave New Wales compilation (Fourier Transform, 2008, transform010)
**released as part of Crania Draft Massif compilation (Fourier Transform, 2007, transform009)