Museum of Dust

Every 4 weeks (Tuesdays at 8pm UK time) I take over the CAMP Radio airwaves for 2 hours, playing whatever I want. The playlist rules are simple: I only play stuff I love from my own music collection. Here are the archived shows:

10 August 2021

1 Marlijn Hulsebos The Day Everything Went Wrong
2 Scala Honeylike
3 Sweet D Crazy D (Insane Mix)
4 猫 シ Corp. Marble fountain
5 Jirah Lam Tamout Al-Amal Ashabi
6 Cüneyt Sepetçi Me Yapardım
7 Mokhtar Mezhoud Salamat
8 The Future Sound Of London Crawler
9 Beachers Refugia 2
10 Sigismund Agbonlahore The Process of Unlearning
11 Ways And Knowing Wenalt
12 Planetary Assault Systems The Dream
13 Brood X Band Patapsco Morning Drone
14 Carphology Collective Sounds for an Empty House (Extract)
15 Taku Sugimoto 1°m 1maug5/19. (left) 1°m 100secdim5/112. (center) 1°m 1m/1*12. (right)
16 Lisa Heledd Jones Sounds for an Empty House (Extract)
17 Tom.m. Sounds for an Empty House (Extract)
18 Sun Curves ☇ [6:03am]
19 Abby Lee Tee Riverside burrows pt.1
20 Guy Reibel Granulations-Sillages: Tutti Médium
21 Richard Harrison DC.26.97a
22 Autopoieses La Vie à Noir, Part 7
23 Andrew Shoben Radio Moonlight Continuity Announcement
24 Nona Hendryx Tears
25 Danielle Dax Kernow
26 Kayla Painter We Miss You On Earth
27 Jasmine Guffond Elephant
28 Greenhead College Experimental Composition Group Duration
29 Idjah Hadidjah Arum Bandung
30 Unknown Artist Legong (Extract)

13 July 2021
Madame Ceski’s Midsummer Folk Dreams:
Songs & instrumentals from around the human & natural world. A verdant & entrancing dreamscape, for listening & dancing.

The first ever Museum of Dust guest mix! Big thanks to Madame Ceski for such a magical and eclectic journey around the world.

1 Madame Francesca Welcome
2 Fatima Al Qadiri Malaak
3 Justin Hopper & Sharron Kraus Slow Air
4 Bernard Desblancs Courantes / Cowbells, Gascony
5 Grupi Lab Live @ TUSK 2019
6 Oliver Leith Hump
7 Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman Schulwerk: Thistles
8 Collectress featuring Arthur Jeffes Owl
9 Sun Ra & His Arkestra Somewhere in Space
10 Naná Vasconcelos Berimbau Solo
11 The Dufay Collective La Rotta
12 Saied Khalifa Igd Allooli
13 Obeng Ungu & Jalan Buntu with Group Uang Wayang Saya Perlu Merasa Terasi Kotor Anda
14 Tlahoun Gèssèssè Kulun Mankwalèsh
15 Máire Ní Cheocháin Cois Abhainn Na Sead, Co. Cork
16 Paul Giovanni Opening Music/Loving Couples
17 Bredbeddle To and Fro (Excerpt)
18 Carl Orff & Gunild Keetman Schulwerk: Trees and Flowers
19 Damon Albarn Saturn
20 Libby Heaney & Nabihah Iqbal The Whole Earth Chanting
21 Rhodri Davies Rhywbeth
22 Laura Cannell Untethered
23 Sarah Davachi Oldgrowth
24 Moondog Intro and Overtone Continuum
25 Olivier Messiaen Fete des Belles Eaux (II. L’eau)
26 Laurie Anderson Tightrope
27 La Maison d’Amour Dastgâh-e Shur
28 Joana Gomila Preludi de sa Ximbomba
29 Greisen Zatsepin Kuzmin The Neon Embrace (An Exchange of Resonance)
30 Perkins & Federwisch Open The Window (Let In A Wasp)
31 Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra Competitive Music of North Wales: 15 Strikes, 4s Apart
32 Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra Competitive Music of North Wales: 60 Strikes, 1s Apart
33 Léonore Boulanger Lied
34 Niko Radić Kad Se Mala Mare Udavala
35 Unknown Artist Track B7, Mystery Tape from South Thailand
36 Amartey Hedzoleh Serious
37 Amy Cutler erthe toc of erthe (Ceylan Hay)
38 Unknown Artist Bagpipe Song (Music from Czechoslovakia)
39 Ovis Szu Llangollen International Eisteddfod Parade of Nations, 2019
40 Curd Duca Pulse (Die Meistersinger)

15 June 2021

1 The Clarke-Boland Big Band Un Graso De Areia
2 Madalyn Merkey West End Girls
3 Euglossine Brains In The Vat
4 Orca, Attack! Literature Review
5 Ndau Musicians Mandowa 1
6 Astasie-abasie Decoy Bird
7 Crispin Mutanuka Kuomboka
8 Kelly Moran Iris
9 Natalia Beylis Sarc, Belfast, Ireland, No.3
10 Claire Rousay Cows In The Field
11 Robin Barnick Sundelic
12 Kuupuu Itäjä
13 Stuart Chalmers February 2
14 Primitive Percussion Youth Orchestra Outside (excerpt)
15 Caroline McKenzie The Clearing, Recovered
16 Modelbau Absolute Radio
17 Olivia Block Dissolution B
18 April Larson What’s Out There (Not Raw)
19 Stereo Minus One Empties The Floor
20 Percival Pembroke Harlequin’s Labyrinth II
21 Nicholas Langley The New Day, The Gated Canal
22 식료품groceries Interlude (Lost in the Freezer Section)
23 Anne Guthrie Unlike More Slender and Graceful
24 Ketienya, Chemutoi & Girls Chemirocha
25 Tamara Innokent’evna Lokhova Sel’kup People, Stand Up, Sel’kup!
26 KMRU Pools 2
27 anthéne Transient
28 Levantis Colour
29 Idris Tiger Legoese Song
30 Sunhiilow Late Reflections
31 Orryon Comcom Midifield (Rural Dusk)
32 Dolphin Midwives Junglespell
33 Meurig Elis Huws Grandsire Triples
34 Muhammad ibn Hasan Alhazo Zabi (Could It Be That Your Eyes?)
35 PERILS Resin
36 Ahmed Ag Kaedy Imetawan
37 Bill Wells & Maher Shalal Hash Baz Family Sighs
38 Steven Charles Boone Shoplifters of the World Unite

18 May 2021
Something a bit different this month – Rock Nite! No fancy mixing, just wall-to-wall bangers from around the world, some more recent than others.

1 Owada Hello
2 Nøught Cough Cap Kitty Cat
3 Discafric Band Houiou Djin Nan Zon Aklumon
4 Second Hand Death May Be Your Santa Claus
5 She Outta Reach
6 Family Fodder Savoir Faire
7 Erase Errata Other Animals Are #1
8 D.U.D.S Signal, Sign
9 The Carnabeats チュ! チュ! チュ!
10 Sex Hands Pivot
11 Blue Sisters Il Va T’Aimer
12 Datblygu Dafydd Iwan yn y Glaw
13 Bloodshot Bill Crazy ‘Bout the Girl
14 Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys Komuro Oiwake
15 El Rego et ses Commandos Vimado Wingnan
16 Wanderléia Vou-Lhe Contar
17 Effi Briest Long Shadow
18 Joseph Kamaru Nongina Twendane
19 Kid Bera-Bera & Mister King Jerroo Katanga Country
20 Ali Farka Touré Sokko
21 Serena-Maneesh Never
22 Irma Vep The Moaning Song
23 Castings Lithic
24 Charalambides The Core
25 Nisennenmondai Pop Group
26 Computer Jesus Refrigerator Juke Sleet
27 Guitar Wolf フジヤマアタック
28 The Goslings Dinah
29 Fushitsusha The Caution Appears IV
30 Aufgehoben Hordes
31 SoftSpot Habits
32 Group Inerane Telilite
33 Eturivi Oikotie2
34 Alkibar Gignor Aniya
35 Ex-Easter Island Head Mallet Guitars Two, Second Movement
36 Ectogram All Behind the Witchtower
37 Roniia Last Words

20 April 2021

1 Idris Tiger Ringtones
2 Temple City Kazoo Orchestra 2001 Sprach Kazoostra
3 Kate Carr By Cowardice or Courage
4 아버지 Sinking In
5 Thuja All Strange Beasts of the Past, Part 6
6 Laughing Hands Metallic Enjoyment
7 Rain Tree Crow Red Earth (As Summertime Ends)
8 Nina Simone Come Ye
9 Cults Percussion Ensemble Baia
10 RAMZi Ogaden
11 Flao YG Kelt
12 FET.NAT Des Fois
13 Huw V Williams Slumps
14 Coucou Chloe Flip U
15 Ash Cooke Controlled Ambiguity
16 Acoustic Guitar Trio Web
17 Midwich Skin Tags
18 Jennifer Veillerobe B1
19 Felicity Mangan Double-headed Emu
20 EMBA Soundsystem ゴーストステーション
21 Constance Demby Fourth Wave
22 Nawadaha The Hidden Garden
23 Jessica Bailliff Trust
24 So i
25 Patrick Portella Serrons Nous Les Coudes
26 The Viaduct Tuba Trio Three Layers
27 Kaseke Introduktsioon
28 Origami Girl ヒズボラのようにシュートする星々
29 Dr. J. R. Pierce Variations in Timbre and Attack
30 Lizzie Higgins Sandy’s a Sailor
31 The Watersons The Plains of Mexico
32 Unknown Artist Seit Kuu Yin Ah Hla (Dreaming of Beauty)
33 Kunaicho Gakubu Hyojo Netori
34 Sarah Peebles White Powder / The Spiders
35 The Tuesday Night Machines Crater
36 아버지 In The Garden
37 Sevish Dreaming Enhansa

23 March 2021

1 John Oswald Margo Integer
2 Isak Sundström Imitation of Life
3 Paul Schütze A shadow is cast to the West before noon.
4 Paul Schütze The shadow can fall in the vacant sector of a drum.
5 Angharad Davies & Tisha Mukarji Endspace III
6 Kaffe Matthews Boy With Dog
7 Barry Chabala An Unrhymed Chord
8 Gabi Love Song
9 Andrea Neumann & Annette Krebs Rotophorm 3
10 Haco Bugfield 3 ”CD Writing”-”Shut Down” with human operation (PowerBook G4)
11 Radu Malfatti Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens
12 Marina Rosenfeld Soft Aerie-LP Terrain Report
13 Jonathan Bepler Séance
14 Gruppo Angklung Orak Orik
15 Tangerine Awkestra Everything is Soft
16 Rapoon Groundswell
17 Clare Cooper Missing a Lip
18 Alejandro Viñao An Imaginary Orchestrina
19 Masayoshi Fujita & Jan Jelinek Urub
20 Raushan Orazbaeva Abys Tolgau
21 Mazen Kerbaj Starry Night
22 Heidi Lord AM 5
23 Magic Carpathians Project Opowieść Ragany
24 Jonathan Coleclough Casino/Tree Frogs
25 Nygårds Elisabet Kulning (Calling)
26 Eva Kierten Vardyger
27 Lynette Sandholm Evvers Photism (6)
28 Costin Miereanu Terre de Feu
29 Dale Cornish Feldt
30 Maria Monte Il Pavone
31 Hands On Hips Glued On
32 Gayle Young In Motion
33 Tziporah Naisi Mwana, Ngolera (Baby, Keep Quiet)
34 Phyllis Nafuna Tulo, Tulo (Sleep, Sleep)
35 Graham Dunning Whisp
36 Sinistri Tk II (Pt.1)
37 Chaines Airship
38 Stephanie Merchak no matter how much my eyes bleed, no matter how many times my heart explodes and my soul shatters
39 Hwyl Nofio Living in Shadows
40 John White Scene de Ballet
41 Robert Wyatt Rangers in the Night
42 Isak Sundström Magnificent Obsession

23 February 2021

1 Katerina Papadopoulou Nanourisma
2 P. Kavakopoulos Skaros
3 Vlad Dobrovolski Opus 4, Dream In Black On Black
4 Flora Yin-Wong Tirta Empul
5 Zavoloka Dzerkalo (Mirror)
6 Dere Moans No Sleep Funnies
7 Dania Shapes Nest 5900
8 :Zoviet*France: Skritha
9 David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto Bamboo Music
10 Chris Corsano How do you know where to throw the ball?
11 Hassan Wargui Azmz
12 Sabaya Al Intifada Min Al Mukhayyam Toulad Al Ru’aya
13 Lefu Mokoena Seeta
14 Moonshake Flow
15 Bows Girls Lips Glitter
16 Saz’iso Nënockë
17 Klapa „Lindo” Omili Mi U Selu Divojka
18 Ben Vida Zizzlerz
19 Michael Bundt La Chasse aux Microbes
20 Detritus Plates 6_e
21 Beautyon To Swil Ping
22 A.M.P. Studio Spaced Ship Sleep
23 Alma Barthélémy La Belle et les Trois Capitaines
24 Harold Budd Vari
25 Ovis Szu Aldi
26 Imperial Valley Fields around Calipatria, IV, 9pm, Oct 8, 1934
27 For Barry Ray Blending Light
28 The Tuesday Night Machines Cercel Nabra (excerpt)
29 Aono Jikken Ensemble Doctor’s Rounds
30 Norma Lyon Sea Fog
31 Pram Mariana Deep
32 Virna Lindt My Underwater Boy
33 4 Red Zao Women Too Pouan Toy Tiemto
34 Jackson Ngobeni Kamohlaba
35 American Music Club Apology for an Accident (Home Demo)
36 Irma Vep I’ll Fuck Anything
37 Raymond Scott Ripples Effects #1

26 January 2021

1 Jon ティリてぃてぃ~
2 Piero Umiliani Topless Party
3 Carnedd Aur Scarce Cardinal
4 Daphnellc Sinker Flies the Plane
5 Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou Gbeti Madjro
6 Satanicpornocultshop Get Ur Freak On
7 Malcolm Neon Mwnt
8 Chuck Person Letters
9 Big Youth Opportunity Rock
10 Hallucinator Frontier
11 Bandulu Phase In Verson
12 The 7th Plain Bigfield
13 I-Roy Brother Toby is a Movie from London
14 Kode9 & The Spaceape Sine
15 Laurie Spiegel Drums
16 Yasuaki Shimizu Kono Yo Ni Yomeri #2
17 Jonathan Dove Gaia Theory: II. Very Spacious
18 Twins Seven-Seven Obatala
19 James A. McDermid Starved Lips In the Gloam
20 Abdel Karim Halbud Naqqare Solo
21 Analimet Aridal
22 Mrs. Kate MacLeod Hé Mandu
23 Unknown Artist Genggong Music 2
24 Chintamani Jain Jaltarang
25 Telek Desa Batu Tilis Barongan
26 Bolbol Al-Hejaz and Soni Ahmad Mushtaq
27 Getachew Degefu Kulun Man Kwaleshi
28 Yaşar Aktepe & Sadi Terniz Şeyh Şamil
29 Piero Piccioni Blue Rhythm Festival
30 John Cameron Half Forgotten Daydreams
31 Raymond Scott Cyclic Bit #3
32 M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates The Cruel Mother
33 The Incidental Crack I’m Scared the Traffic Won’t Stop

29 December 2021

1 Duet Emmo Hill of Men
2 Ffrancon Eesti
3 Chris Watson Corncrake Songs From Territorial Males, Island Of Coll, Western Isles, Scotland
4 Moon B Sunset445
5 The Lemon Kittens The Hospital Hurts the Girl
6 Rattle Trainer
7 Soldercup Dimium
8 Liv Radigue Forever or Speechless
9 Ruins Short Wave
10 808 State E Talk
11 Weltklang VEB Heimat
12 John Foxx Plaza
13 Laika Lyin’ Goat
14 Eurythmics Cool Blue
15 Holger Hiller Chemische und Physikaliche Entdeskungen
16 Stuart Chalmers Instinct 2
17 Loud Loudzilla
18 Shinichi Atobe Plug and Delay
19 P1/E 49 Second Romance
20 The Associates White Car in Germany
21 LFO Tied Up Electro
22 Datblygu Gwlad Ar Fy Nghefn
23 Parlament Kad Je Kraj Blizu
24 Martin O’Cuthbert Kiss and Break Up
25 Asja Auf Capri Declination
26 Tuff Little Unit The Masterplan
27 Pro Lagwee Rwot Moo
28 Jay Mitta Mpya Singeri
29 Mzee Wa Bwax Mshamba Wa Kideo
30 Holger Hiller Akt Mit Feile (für A. O.)
31 Schleimer K On the Road Again
32 Carter Tutti Lucifer Sam
33 Liv Radigue LR1
34 SND Don’t Touch My Shed
35 Zdenka Kovačiček Elektra

01 December 2020

Artificial intelligence special: 100 tracks generated by OpenAI’s Jukebox programme, where a computer attempts (with varying degrees of success) to mimic a range of well known artists. See if you can tell who each one is supposed to be.

06 October 2020

1 Maria Tănase Doina din Maramures
2 Unknown Romanian Orchestra Gaida
3 Nu Sounds Dabba Dabba Dabba Du Bay
4 Alèmayèhu Eshèté Ayalqem Tèdenqo
5 Still Corners French Kiss
6 Future Shuttle Feathermaster
7 Albanian Men’s Group from Vlorë Legend Of The Walled-In Woman
8 Severino Pfifferling Maximale Reinigungsleistung
9 Mark Waldron-Hyden I Can’t See You, Where Did You Go?
10 Jim Knight, Fiona Owen And Gorwel Owen Six Minutes
11 Robert Filliou Imitating The Sound Of The Birds (1979)
12 Portland Bike Ensemble Tokyo at a Buddhist Temple, Part 2
13 Zherbin Выход
14 Detritus Plates 5_d
15 Detritus Plates 6_f
16 Mohammad Reza Mortazavi Riding Time
17 The Horo Orchestra “Rousse” Katselovska Rachenitsa
18 Bobby Dunn Do The Bobby Dunn
19 Jesse Powell Orchestra The Walkin’ Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out)
20 Long Fin Killie Love Smothers Allergy
21 Snowman Blood of the Swan
22 Un Caddie Renversé dans l’Herbe
23 Madame Česki Moon Day Walk
24 The Searching Years Action Beat – Improvised Piece for Two Xylophones and Drums
25 Gesellschaft Zur Emanzipation Des Samples Irrelevant Sound Effect
26 Unknown Czech Vocalist Halekačka
27 Unknown Artist Dyak Funeral Gongs
28 Gwenno Sisial y Môr
29 Broadcast Stupido
30 Lucy Amarualik & Alaci Tulaugak Song of a Sea Shore
31 Tsèhaytu Bèraki Aminèy
32 Sukanya Laddapetch The Tears Keep Coming
33 Itasca After Dawn
34 Hisato Higuchi Cluster Of Lights
35 Antioco Marras Canzoni D’Amori
36 Georgi Chilingirov & Stefan Zahmanov Roufinka Has Fallen Sick
37 Janek Schaefer Rink #55

08 September 2020

1 The Incidental Crack Skin
2 Soldercup Timony
3 Cwmwl Tystion / Witness Pa Beth Yw Cenedl
4 Eric Dolphy God Bless the Child
5 Frank Denyer Wheat V
6 Spaceship Over Deeside Underwater Everywhere
7 Ve’ehala Nose Flute Trio
8 Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest Flute Duet
9 Åke Egevad Tre Flintflöjter
10 Meyers Inhaler I
11 Dunning & Underwood Trapped in a Walled Garden
12 Cahn Ingold Prelog Bring the Margins to the Centre
13 Ryoji Ikeda C0 : : Coda (for T.F.)
14 Villagers from Choukham, Lohit Khampti Mask Dance
15 Han Bennink Stones
16 Will Guthrie Taken
17 Taw Jecs
18 Hammer of Hathor Plum Blossom Killer
19 Andrew Deutsch Garden Music 3
20 De Leon A1
21 Six Boys in Trouble Bongo Drums and Sticks
22 Granmoun Lélé Groovelélé
23 Idjah Hadidjah Bayu-Bayu
24 Lau Nau Kivi Murenee Jolla Kävelee
25 Zhanna Bichevskaya Dear Maiden
26 Strategic Tape Reserve Staff Topographical Features
27 Madalyn Merkey Nexus
28 Ken Nordine Truth Mute
29 Masayoshi Fujita, Simon Harris, Jan Thoben, Kassian Troyer & Derek Shirley 14_26
30 Mukai Chie & Gary Smith 1
31 The Vegetable Orchestra ASP
32 Lum Col Con Pix The Love Album, Part 1
33 Me, Claudius Back to the Sweat-out Tower
34 Stilluppsteypa Part Nearly Nothing
35 Jako Maron Katangaz
36 Crank D Conomic
37 Ghislain Poirier Il N’y a Pas de Sud…
38 Stephen P. McGreevy Whistler Shower Inyo 14july12 1156z n6nks Short
39 Alan Splet, David Lynch, Ann Kroeber Ambiance, Tonal Hum: Droning Airy Alto / Soprano Tones

11 August 2020

1 Ken Nordine Down the Drain
2 Ennio Morricone Ma Non Troppo Erotico
3 Chuch Ast
4 Tomas Mind Song
5 Moonshake Little Thing
6 Arrimma Shingoda Songo Gawadi
7 The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor Music for Hand-washing XXV
8 Corkestra Zand I
9 Ánh Sáng One Ship Will Come
10 Kakraba Lobi Daybreak
11 Rhodri Davies Soaked Ruins of a Raft
12 Frank Proffitt Satan, Your Kingdom Must Come Down
13 Malcolm Neon Toriad
14 American Landscape Painting Trainyard
15 Albanian Women’s group from Kolonjë Konofat’s Song
16 Fernhill Whilia
17 Eturivi Koiranäyttely
18 The Gongs Rob Reich
19 Aqman Sar Biday
20 Female Vocal Group from Dolen Burst Into Leaves, Forest
21 Hwyl Nofio The Fish In The Tide
22 Moon Wiring Club The Victorian Butter Boat
23 Eliasi Hinavako & Tanka Vita Lili
24 Eric Chenaux Summer & Time
25 The Ink Spots We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me)
26 Violeta Parra Verso Por Saludo
27 Muhabbat Shamayeva Лайли Гул
28 Peter B. In Your Geodesic Domes
29 Secular Musics Of South Yorkshire Almost Medieval
30 Toshimaru Nakamura nimb #8
31 Annea Lockwood Vibrating Pane
32 David Toop and Max Eastley Life Without Movement
33 The La Drivers Union Por Por Group Otsokobila