Thanks to the miracle of SoundCloud, you can listen to some things that I’ve made, sometimes with the help of other people.


Ysbrydnos: Soundtrack to the Ysbrydnos installation at the Caerdroia, Gwydyr Forest, Llanrwst in October 2007

Banjo 2 (for Frank Proffitt): Piece created entirely from recordings of the fretless banjo. Dedicated to North Carolina folk legend Frank Proffitt.

Live at Rove: Live improvisation with uncooked rice in upturned speaker cones. Low frequencies in the region of 50Hz agitate the rice; an FX send loop in the mixing desk enables feedback to be harnessed. The whole piece is an attempt to control chaotic phenomena. Recorded by Rob Smith at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Many thanks to Rob and Matthew Lovett.

Bwyd Sonique

Bwyd Sonique: Karine D├ęcorne (food) / Simon Proffitt (sound). Live recording of the multi-sensory sound art project where Karine creates mouth-watering food and Simon makes music from the sound of preparation and cooking. Audience members get to eat the food afterwards.

The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor

A Tedious Way of Saying That I Do Not Exist: Raw material improvised on a selection of household objects and implements by Simon, Bambos, Gwydion, Owen, Richard and Sarah. Recorded, chopped up, rearranged, produced and compiled by Simon.

Miscellaneous Fun Stuff

Cardiff Trio #2

Cardiff Trio #3

Parts 2 & 3 of an improvisation with Louie and Taina back in 2005. Part 1 is best left unheard. I can’t remember who was responsible for what, but I can remember that despite it being badly recorded, and despite it not being our finest work, it was a lot of fun. Full names have been withheld in case either of the other two participants have moved on and are now embarrassed about the results. Rest assured they’re both really great, talented people and much better looking than me.

Remixes, etc

Studio Misunderstanding #1: Five musicians, none of whom are on speaking terms, enter the studio. Chaos ensues.

Studio Misunderstanding #2: Another total communication breakdown in the recording studio. When will these people learn to leave their egos at the door? Whatever happened to cooperation?

I made the greatest ever hip-hop track even greater.