CNOTIO: The Art of Knuckling (CCQ Magazine, 2018)
An account of the history, rules and characters of the ancient Welsh folk-sport of Cnotio (Knuckling). Commissioned by CCQ, and written primarily to attempt to publicise the Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor LP. You can read the whole thing via the magic of issu here:

Chernobyl’s Atomic Legacy: 25 Years After Disaster (JonGlez, 2012) edited by Daniel Barter, with contributions from Andrew Leatherbarrow, Daniel Barter, Dawid Jagusiak, James Charlick, Jason Green, Katie Grayson, Pär Louko, Simon Proffitt
96-page hardback. Order one today from Amazon.

Волшебни врски (Cultural Institution BLESOK, 2012) with Оуен Мартел
The eagerly-awaited Macedonian version of Dolenni Hud. 42 photographs by Wales-based photographer Симон Профит, accompanying six philosophical short stories about belonging, internal landscape, place-as-deity by Оуен Мартел. Find out more, and buy a copy, at the Blesok Shop

Reportage (CNAP, 2009)
Special supplement in the Centre National des Artes Plastique Annual Report 2009. Photographs of CNAP officers doing what they do best: important conservation, curatorial and documentary work.

One in the Other (G39, 2009)
Essay in curatorial season compendium, on behalf of Real Institute and their Real Writers’ Residency Programme project.

Dolenni Hud (Gomer Press, 2008) with Owen Martell
40 photographs of north-eastern American towns with Welsh place names, magnificently accompanied by six unspeakably poignant short stories by award-winning writer Owen Martell. More info at Owen’s site.
Buy one from Gomer | GWales | Amazon | Here’s a nice preview at Alt.Cardiff

Accomplishment of Blu-ray disc ROM by electron beam recording: dual layer with 50-GB capacity (International Society for Optical Engineering, 2004)
Three strangers, each with terrible secrets, compete for the love of a small-town lollypop lady.

Reactions of xenon difluoride and atomic hydrogen at chemical vapour deposited diamond surfaces (Surface Science, Volume 488, Issue 3, 2001)
A 12-page stream-of-consciousness exploration into the loneliness of contemporary urban living from the perspective of a recently widowed venture capitalist.

Surface chemical studies of chemical vapour deposited thin diamond films (DPhil thesis, Oxford University, 2000)
All the words* from a 1994 Black & Decker product catalogue rearranged into a heart-warming children’s story set in the Florida Keys.
(*the appendix consists of 34 surplus instances of the word ‘drill’.)

Understanding the chemistry of low temperature diamond growth: an investigation into the interaction of chlorine and atomic hydrogen at CVD diamond surfaces (Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 9, 2000)
Adult-themed lamb recipes.

Field emission from thin film diamond grown using a magnetically enhanced radio frequency plasma source (Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology, 1999)
Compilation of wrong-handed drawings, from memory, of prominent Swiss government officials from the last 30 years.

Growth of nanocrystalline diamond films for low field electron emission (Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 8, 1999)
Choose-your-own adventure story set in 1980s Basingstoke.

Influence of film deposition parameters on the field emission properties of diamond-like carbon films (Diamond and Related Materials, Volume 7, 1998)
Fifteen harrowing real-life tales of disappointing encounters with domestic cats.

Brian Nylon’s Guide to Clubbing
Extensive guide to the nightclubs of Oxford, published in some big student guide book back in the latter part of the 20th century